This last month has left us at Blue Heron Farm wondering whether or not we are living in a tropical climate, with humid days and occasional thunderstorms in the evenings. However, for the most part, it has been a dry month in the fields and we have been irrigating crops regularly. Fields are now plentiful and weekly harvests of cilantro, chard, lettuce, spinach, beets, sugar snap peas and snow peas are in the mix.


The garlic scapes have now all been picked and plants are looking healthy.


All of the hard work weeding, watering and mulching our strawberry plants has paid off, and we have had a successful harvest this season. What is left now will be for jam and the like.


We have started selling basil at the market, and this should continue now throughout the summer. Tomatoes too are on the way and our cold-frame tomatoes are beginning to form new fruit.


We have been growing slicing cucumbers in one of our cold-frames, and these will be ready for sale at the Ithaca Farmers Market in a week or two, exciting stuff.


Summer squash plantings are now forming small green and yellow zucchini.