This is an exciting time here at Blue Heron Farm. In fact Blue Heron is the HUB of all excitement in the entire town of Lodi, and some parts of Ovid (just ask the people at the Lodi soft-serve). With the season of summer in full swing things are teeming with life, mostly in the form of fresh veggies. The combination of warmth, humidity, and repeated afternoon drenchings has our vegetables growing faster than we can pick them. After much anticipation from all working here this season, we are now seeing our favorite vegetables ready for the eating and all can attest to the tastiness of the produce this season.


New produce for the coming week...

Japanese eggplant, pickling cucumbers, red potatoes, green and yellow wax beans, green cabbage (although at present, and probably for the next week or so, the Japanese eggplant are a bit sparse on the ground and may require individual employee covert operations into the fields to retrieve them. Such precious items).

Untitled-6.jpg Untitled-5.jpg

and continuing produce for the coming week includes...

Gigantic fresh German Porcelain garlic bulbs, slicing cucumbers, red and green leaf lettuce heads, swiss chard, zucchini and yellow summer squash, fresh basil and other weekly herbs.


Our greenhouse and field grown slicing tomatoes are well on the way, with more and more ripening every day (another reason for individual employee covert operations during lunch). Within reach of a couple of weeks we will all once again be eating tomato sandwiches and cherry tomato salads for lunch every day.


nb: Despite what everybody may tell you, the wonderful tomato IS, under the hand of the law, a vegetable. But what does that really mean anyway, right?